All Island Mortgage & Funding Corporation


Dear Kevin, I started researching Reverse Mortgages approximately three months ago, based primarily on the current ads on television. I contacted some of these companies and received good response from most of them. In talking with a friend of mine he mentioned All Island Mortgage, and specifically, Mr. Kevin Bailie. Since this was a Long Island based firm and they had been in existence for almost 25 years I decided to give them a call. I am extremely happy that I made this call. From the beginning he had a professional and caring manner and through the entire process this never changed. The main thing I liked was the one on one relationship, the ability to sit down and talk to someone, person to person. Kevin was always available to answer any questions in a prompt, expeditious and professional manner. Detailed technical and mathematical questions were answered and explained in a manner that was easily understood.During the process Kevin made me aware of new changes to the reverse mortgage program that would lessen the value of the product and ws able to expedite the process to make sure I received the better of the two possibilities. Once I started the paperwork, the entire process only took about 6 weeks. I chose a Long Island firm and was impressed with the level of service, concern and special attention that I was afforded. Kevin made the entire process as stress free as possible. It was a pleasure to do business with Kevin and you can be assured that I will recommend him to anyone who may need similar services. If a question were to arise in the future I am sure that Kevin will be there to answer it. Again, many thanks !!!

10 years ago
John W.
Holbrook, NY

I would like to express my profound gratitude for the help especially your candid advices, (to the unpleasant experiences I encountered) and the professionalism you have shown & accorded me through out the whole process of my application up to the finish. Thank You vey much for everything. Truly Yours,

11 years ago
Conchita Grospe
Staten Island, NY

Dear Kevin, Just a note to thank you for all your help in obtaining a reverse mortgage. As you know, this has been a most stressful year for my family. Deciding to take out a reverse mortgage was a big step for me. You made the process as easy as possible. You were kind, compassionate and understanding. You were always available to answer any questions and explain everything. You stayed on top of things and kept me informed every step of the way. I don't feel I just took out a reverse mortgage - I feel I gained a new friend. Again, thank you for all your help and your kindness. Sincerely,

10 years ago
Kathleen Flandorffer
Merrick, NY

I have nothing but the highest regard for Kevin Bailie of All Island Mortgage & Funding Corp. During a recent difficult period in my life I was able to make informed decisions that significantly impacted my future in a very positive way due to Kevin's expertise in the field of reverse mortgages. He walked me through many legal and financial steps, helped me connect with other professionals that were needed to complete the process, and continues to follow up with me on a regular basis. His knowledge, integrity and professionalism made a very challenging time in my life manageable. In today's world you don't find many people who help the "whole" client like Kevin did for me. I can't thank him enough for his competence, honesty and very importantly his friendship.

10 years ago
Dolores S
Sayville, NY

Dear Kevin, I would like to express my appreciation to you for the quick & easy way I obtained a Reverse Mortgage. I never thought the process would be a fast as it was. Being a recent widow, getting a reverse mortgage so quickly meant a lot to me. I will gladly give your number to any neighbor, friend or relative interested in a reverse mortgage. Once Again Thank You

10 years ago
Leatrice Epstein
Brooklyn NY

Dear Kevin, Many thanks to your "Due Diligence" in making a difficult task so easy. Your kindness superseded far beyond my expectations. I will always refer to you as my friend who not only solved my financial problems, but brought peace of mind and wonderful Danish to my home. I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking debt relief through a reverse mortgage. Always Your Friend,

8 years ago
Mary Lou Kotraba
Smithtown, NY

Dear Mr. Robert Schiano, President of All Island Mortgage, I am writing to you to commend your organization and one of your highly regarded representative, Mr. Kevin Bailie. Mr. Bailie handled my application for a reverse mortgage until its completion. I have been very impressed with Mr. Bailie handling of this request. From the onset I have been happy with Mr. Bailie's work, he has been exceptionally knowledgeable, highly courteous and competent and professional beyond description. I am grateful for his work and for the work of All Island Corporation.

9 years ago
Dolly Svobodny
Manhasset, NY

Dear Kevin, I'm writing this letter to let you know how much Pat and I appreciated your patience, understanding, and expertise in obtaining our reverse mortgage. Kevin, you answered all our questions in detail, provided us with tons of information, and guided us step by step through this process and always asking us if we had any concerns or questions. Thank you for your professionalism and your personal care. We can without hesitation recommend Kevin Bailie and all island Mortgage & Funding Corp. to anyone seeking a reverse mortgage. Sincerely

9 years ago
Thomas Siebern
West Babylon, NY

Dear Kevin, We interviewed with other reverse mortgage professionals, found your website through Google, and although you were located on Long Island we decided to give you a call. Although living in upstate NY our path was directed to you, Kevin Bailie. Soon after on initial call, and reading through material sent to us by you, you visited us in our home, a long ride from Smithtown to Warwick. Instant connection, trust, and friendship followed. Your knowledge was thorough, realistic and you followed through on everything. You understood our needs immediately and guided us skillfully along our path. I cannot imagine a more competent mortgage broker. It is relatively easy to find knowledgeable people but it is truly a gift to find people whose motives are more than "commission oriented". You wanted to help us reach our financialals because it was good for us and you did so in a gentle and professional way and for this we will be forever grateful. We recommend you, Kevin, to anyone considering any mortgage needs and, in fact, believe your character and devotion to be unmatched. Thank you All Island and thank you Kevin Bailie !

9 years ago
Jerry Ruebenstahl
Warwick, NY

Dear Kevin, Finally sitting down to write this letter to thank you for all the work you put into getting me a reverse mortgage. Your kindness and consideration was well appreciated. You made the process easy and convenient for me. Your attention to all the details of the mortgage was explained to me and understandable for some one unfamiliar with the workings of reverse mortgages. Once again I would like to say how much I appreciated all your efforts and that I would recommend you to any one I know who is interested in a reverse mortgage. Sincerely,

9 years ago
Velia Santoro
Mt. Sinai, NY

Dear Kevin, We contacted the All Island Mortgage and Funding Corporation to help us arrange for the Reverse Mortgage and were lucky that you were handling our case. From the very beginning you showed deep knowledge of the subject matter, which immediately put our minds at ease - we understood that all transactions would be handled by a real expert. From day one and until the very end of the process we were treated professionally and with utmost respect. You promptly responded to all out inquiries and provided clear and concise answers to all our questions. Your honesty, expertise and patience made it easy for us to do business with you. You promised to do your best and lived up to your promise. Thank you for this. We will be happy to recommend you and your company to anyone who needs help with Reverse Mortgage.

8 years ago
Inna Mazlin
Huntington, NY

Dear Bob, We can't thank you enough for completing the reverse mortgage on our home. Your patience and honesty was outstanding. You even waiting outside my home for almost two hours for me to come home from fishing and did not get upset when I said I forgot out appointment. And you traveled from New York to Montana to see us. You came back after the appraisal was complete and processed the loan so we could close. We will be recommending to friends and family. Thank You Again,

7 years ago
Berlin Hugelen
Billings Montana

Dear Bob Schiano, Me and my wife would like to send out heart full thanks to you for handling our reverse mortgage needs. You not only made us feel very comfortable on the phone but you actually flew out to my home in Conrad Montana to take the application. Now that's personal service and dedication. I would recommend to anyone I meet to tell them about you and your company. Thank You Again,

8 years ago
Glen Smith
Conrad, Montana

Hi Guy, Happy New Year ! We hope all is well with you, your family and associates. We are writing to thank you for your recommendation of Kevin Bailie and his company, All Island Mortgage and Funding Corp. We are happy to say that we have just refinanced our home and the experience with Kevin was beyond wonderful ! From the very first contact with him we realized we were dealing with a truly amazing person who was always an absolute gentleman. We would soon find out how amazing he truly is. No amount of superlatives can properly convey the entire experience. Throughout the process, Kevin was incredibly kind, compassionate, professional and extremely gifted in the art of brokering a mortgage! We say this because ours was a tricky case due to a close debt to income ratio. Kevin remained positive and continued to work very hard to help secure what is an excellent loan. His communication skills are amazing. We never went more than half a day waiting for a response to any given question and he kept us apprised of the process at all times. Each conversation was most pleasant and always contained expressions of gratitude, humor, and optimism. We are the ones truly grateful for him and to you for this recommendation. We plan on sharing this experience with friends, family and anyone in need of these services. We are also hoping to gain access to various rooftops for shouting. :) So...we thank you again and heartily recommend Kevin and his company.

8 years ago
Jeanne Moir
Port Jefferson, NY

To: Mr. Kevin Bailie, We can't put into words our gratitude and appreciation for your expertise, dedication and genuine concern that you have shown to us. Not only did you efficiently process our reverse mortgage and assisted us in our very difficult situation. That kind of support and interest is unheard of. I hope our friendship will continue. God Bless you Kevin, With warmest regards,

8 years ago
Mariano Grossi
Oakdale, NY

Dear Kevin, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me through the process of acquiring a reverse mortgage. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with you, which is very unusual for me. You were very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, kind, patient and caring. You ,ade yourself available to answer any questions, addressed the concerns that I had and took care of any issues that arose. you also kept in touch with progress reports. It was a pleasure meeting you. Rest assured that I would recommend you to anyone interested in getting a reverse mortgage. Sincerely,

8 years ago
Adele Cocharan
Jamaica, NY

Dear Kevin, Thank you so much for all the work you did and time you spent in helping me get the reverse mortgage for my home. Not only did you assure me that doing a reverse mortgage would benefit me financially in so many ways but also give me peace of mind to remain in my home for the rest of my life. You patiently explained everything in detail, sometimes many times so I would completely understand the process. I know you did this so I would feel confident that I was doing the right thing. You put me at ease when I saw how knowledgeable and professional you were and admire you for your integrity, kindness, trust and understanding you always showed me. I especially appreciate you being able to find and fix the mistake made by my bank that created unnecessary issues for me. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for the special friendship we have made and I also know I can depend on you to answer any questions I might have as well as my children now or in the future. Once again, thank you Kevin for all your help and guidance. Please know that I would be so proud to recommend you to anyone who might be considering a Reverse Mortgage. Good Luck to you all you do in your life.

7 years ago
Esther Steele
Babylon, NY

Dear Kevin, Many thanks for your help in granting my revers mortgage. I am so grateful for all the information you provided about reverse mortgages that helped me understand what was going to happen and how it would help me to stay in my home. Although I never met you personally you were always so kind and thoughtful on the phone that I felt you truly cared about my situation. I intend to tell my friends about this successful experience and recommend you highly. I am interested in eventually giving this property to my son who is working to repair and improve things for me, so I'll be calling you again to help us with that. Thank You Again and God Bless.

6 years ago
Elizabeth Morse
Cortland, NY

Nick, I want to thank you so much for handling the mortgage with out Pennsylvania purchase. You made everything seem so effortless. Moving from New York to Pennsylvania with three children was a big chore. I had no worries of the mortgage at all.And a great rate. Thanks

6 years ago
Rosie Celano

Dear Bob, My heartfelt thanks for not ever giving up on me and being a good friend as well. When you flew from New York to Anchorage Alaska to just sit with me and explain the reverse mortgage process. I appreciated this greatly. I was so confused because so many people I spoke to kept giving me the wrong information. Each time you were there to explain the truth about the reverse mortgage. You paid off my mortgage which gave me additional monthly funds and had me walk out with money to cover my debt. When it came time to sign the application you had no problem flying out to Lake Tahoe to meet me at my daughters house to accomplish this, and you then flew back to New York the same day. Thats dedication. I will never forget you and I will be your friend forever. And my home in Alaska is always open to you and your family. God Bless

6 years ago
Sandy Calderin
Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Bob, What can be said of all the work you put in to getting my reverse mortgage done. With the property tax invoice that the town had sent me and you double checking exactly when they would take possession of my home you went into overdrive. You contact the lender, the appraiser, and the title company and explained the situation and asked them all to rush the entire process so I would not be homeless. You did it within 48 hours of me loosing my home. You also flew out to my home in San Diego, CA to ensure the closing had zero mistakes. I am now at peace with the knowledge that I will be in my home un til I die and my property taxes are being taken care of for the next 20 years. I will always be in your debt and I will always cherish our friendship.

7 years ago
Donell Smith
San Diego, CA

"I want to Thank You" The decision to get a reverse mortgage was an agonizing one for me. For the last eight years I have been researching this mortgage. I spoke to so many brokers that I lost count. I knew for a long time that this was something inevitable, but I just couldn't take that final step, I worried about all the what ifs, and then I spoke to you, your kind manor and much patience and tremendous knowledge of the process is what finally let me come to a decision. And now, fast forward to the present time, and I am enjoying the peace of mind knowing I can be financially stable without fear of the future. So once again thank you and God Bless.

9 years ago
Paula Cappelluzzo
Massapequa, NY

Thank you so much for your kindly consideration on my behalf. I truly appreciated all that you have done in making this mortgage work. What a blessing you are. The world would be more special if more people were like you. I pray for an unlimited return on your generosity in my time of need. May God continue to bless you in spirit, souls, and body and you continue to serve them with joy. Stay blessed and healthy, and enjoy a long and prosperous life in Christ Jesus. It was a honor and a blessing to have you as a brother in Christ. I will recommend you to my friend without hesitation. PS And yes I will send you pictures of the wedding

6 years ago
Olivia Barnes
Dumont, NJ

I highly recommend All Island Mortgage and Bob Schiano to anyone interested in obtaining a reverse mortgage. Bob and his team are very professional and knowledgeable, and their work is guided by honesty and integrity. Any questions about the process were explained fully, and Bob quickly returned my phone calls when I needed additional information. Again, if you are considering a reverse mortgage, I recommend to you without reservation All Island Mortgage and Bob Schiano.

9 years ago
Janice Williams
Whandanch, NY

Dear Mr. Schiano, This is to let you know that I appreciate all the effort that it took for you to complete the reverse mortgage process that you made for me last year. When I came to your office it was at a very difficult time financially. At that time I did not know the steps we would take to remedy the situation. When I called your office you asked me to come in to meet with you the same day. It was obvious that you were knowledgeable about your industry. You went into detail to explain the different loan options, rates, and all parts of the process. The loan process went according to plan until we had an unexpected turn with one of the financial lenders. Without hesitation you were determined to get the loan value that you had originally offered. You worked tirelessly and came through for us with the same loan amount that you originally quoted. My daughter and I want to thank you for the excellent service that you gave us - we highly recommend you and your mortgage company to anyone who needs an expert mortgage loan service. It was out distinct pleasure to do business with you and your staff at All Island Mortgage Company. Sincerely, Clinton Wheatt

9 years ago
Clinton Wheatt
Bellport, NY

To Whom It May Concern: Let me tell you about Bob Schiano. He changed my life. Worked tirelessly to obtain a reverse home mortgage for me and my wife after we had been turned down not just once or twice but rejected by three banks. He wouldn't let it go - kept my spirits up and continued to work with me and a banker until he obtained an approval . He came to my home to explain, in person, what was required and he never let me quit on the lengthy submission of document phase. So, if you're thinking about having him represent you then I say "do it". He just may be the best in the business. John Parsons Peditto 12n June, 2017

7 years ago
John Peditto